Hydrogeologic and Subsurface Remedial Services

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Environmental Site Investigations, Characterizations and Assessments:

  • Environmental Site Investigations, Characterizations and Assessments: TriEco provides protection to innocent landowners in commercial real estate transactions, since our reports comply with the ASTM’s “standard practice for environmental site assessments”. This includes site investigations to determine the presence of chemical or radiological contamination.
  • Geoprobe: The field service equipment fleet available includes truck-mounted GeoprobeTM push-probe sampling equipment to meet your needs.
  • Vacuum Assisted Remedial Extraction Equipment: This mobile system removed free product (e.g. gasoline and diesel) while simultaneously extracting vapors and groundwater from the subsurface. This technology is especially effective at sites where structures or areas would prevent other remedial alternative and therefore help eet your objectives in a cost efficient manner.
  • Mobile Water Treatment Equipment: The TriEco team can operate mobile water treatment equipment for use at sites what generate contaminated water. Depending upon the levels of contamination present, we obtain the necessary permits to discharge treated water into an approved local discharge point. This reduces customer costs because the water doesn’t need transporting to an offsite recycling facility.
  • Biosparging In-Situ Remediation Technology: This method uses indigenous microorganisms to biodegrade organic constituents in the saturated zone, and this treatment technology can also be employed in conjunction with other treatment systems. For larger sites, the nutrients are introduced into contaminated subsurface zones.
  • Drilling/Monitoring Well Installation: The TriEco team offers drilling services to complement your inventory of onsite investigation tools. A drill rig is available and is operated by certified well drillers. They can assist with monitoring well installation, sampling or geotechnical investigations.