Trieco-Tetra Tech Team


Mentor Protégé Relationship

Why choose the TriEco-Tetra Tech team?

Our partner, Tetra Tech, with $2.6 B in annual revenue, is a leading provider of consulting, engineering, program management, construction management, and technical services. The Company supports government and commercial clients by providing innovative solutions to complex problems focused on water, environment, energy, infrastructure, and natural resources.

  • The TriEco-Tetra Tech team meets the small business criteria while still offering worldwide coverage and employing over 13,000 staff in all disciplines required meeting the full needs of the Client.
  • We have proven expertise in varying scopes of work and have the full capacity to successfully handle multiple tasks across wide geographic areas.
  • We provide a highly qualified team of technical experts. We have a vast pool of environmental scientists, biologists, ecologists, foresters, GIS experts, and other technical experts to meet any need.


The TriEco-Tetra Tech Mentor Protégé provides a full service U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) certified Mentor Protégé partnership providing specialized management, consulting and technical services in the areas of resource management and infrastructure. The SBA has approved the mentor-protégé agreement between TriEco, LLC (the protégé firm) and Tetra Teach EM Inc. (the mentor firm) and has admitted TriEco, LLC and Tetra Tech into the Mentor-Protégé Program under the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 14, Part 124.520. The team includes over 13,000 professionals spanning all environmental, engineering, remediation, UXO, science and management disciplines including IT services. We offer over 350 offices worldwide. In addition Tetra Tech was listed as a top environmental management firm in 2005 with an overall ranking of #5 of 500 design firms (2005). The TriEco-Tetra Tech mentor protégé team’s capabilities can provide you with:

  • Resource Management
    • TriEco-Tetra Tech Mentor Protégé Partnership offers you a team with a leadership position in water resource and environmental management, focused on solving critical problems in watershed management, groundwater cleanup, and environmental restoration to ensure clean water supply, productive reuse of economic assets, and sustainable development of natural resources. Click here to download TriEco/Tt Brochure
  • Communications
    • TriEco-Tetra Tech can offer you more emerging technology networks than any other firm in our business Our structure combines the resources and experience of a large company with the pricing and customer attention of local firms. Click here to download TriEco/Tt Brochure
  • Infrastructure
    • TriEco-Tetra Teach can design facilities for water supply, water treatment, waste water treatment, storm water management, transportation networks, commercial and public facilities, education facilities, and leisure facilities. Click here to download TriEco/Tt Brochure
  • Information Technology
    • TriEco-Tetra Tech prides itself in delivering a full range of IT services from supercomputing, visualization, and performance modeling, to life cycle software application development, internet/intranet/extranet, and help desk support. Our ability to understand each client’s mission and focus ensures that we continually deliver high-quality IT services that exceed customer needs. Click here to download TriEco/Tt Brochure
  • Remediation
    • TriEco-Tetra Tech’s alliance of designers, project managers, operators and field technicians are professionally trained and on-the-job experienced experts in hazardous and small quantity, low-level radioactive remedial operations. Click here to download TriEco/Tt Brochure
  • Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and Explosive Related Services
    • TriEco-Tetra Tech and its associates bring together a staff consisting of Professional Engineers, Registered Geologists and former Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technicians to provide a wide variety of UXO services. Click here to download TriEco/Tt Brochure